A Brief History of ERT

Artistic Growth GraphicERT was founded in 1993 when Dr. Peter Li began applying his scientific training in geophysics to the practical problems of locating munitions and explosives of concern, sub-surface voids, and structures with the potential to cause environmental or construction hazards.

Dr. Jingli Yang joined Dr. Li in 2001 to provide mission-oriented scientific and data systems services at NASA and NOAA—integrating remote-sensing science with in situ-collected data to create models, and developing software and data systems to optimize scientific data analysis, data management, and data dissemination.

Since 2003, ERT has achieved listings on multiple GSA schedules. In 2006, ERT won its first 100+ person contract with NOAA and has continued to grow rapidly while maintaining excellent standards of performance.

Today we are an agile and effective organization with a wide range of capabilities, a responsive service delivery model, and mature business systems. With staff in more than 20 states, we have the capacity to support customers nationwide.